Viennese cuisine from around the world at Lindbergh

Delicious new and well-tried á la carte dishes from the domestic as well as the international cuisine


The Lindbergh Trio

Our founder, Gerhard Lindner, has found two great business partners who will continue to run the Lindbergh in his spirit from now on. Together with his wife Nanine Lindner, he looks after the other businesses and, most importantly, their happily growing family! Despite the great responsibility, you will meet the Lindner family again and again – in their “living room” – the Lindbergh!

Professional chef Tomi Juric (left in the picture) will provide the culinary delights in the future and the well-known “celebrity waiter” Markus Haberl (right in the picture) is their new host, host & sommelier. Both are absolute thoroughbred restaurateurs and have a great deal of experience and at least as much passion as Gerhard.

His “life’s work” may live on and continue to provide you with countless pleasures and wonderful, sociable hours and unforgettable experiences. This is what the three of them stand for with their names.