The boss - Gerhard Lindner

Styrian-born Gerhard Lindner knew very early on that he would become a chef. At the tender age of three, he stood by mother’s side in the kitchen, eagerly helping her prepare delicious dishes.

At twenty to Vienna to manage two more Hooters kitchens, at twenty-three to Vienna’s fifth district to spend nearly 10 years as chef at Restaurant zum Stöger, learning- and living- Viennese cuisine from the ground up.

He also cooked at major events such as the film festival at Vienna’s Rathausplatz, Formula One, the Donauinselfest and at many catering events. But the journey did not end there, with trendy venues such as d.a.s. Hungerberg in Grinzing and Motto am Fluss following suit.

Host & Chef Gerhard Lindner about himself

From a sausage stand to a gourmet restaurant – I have seen and experienced it all.

Then came a change of heart, a move to the other side of the catering business, sales. He quickly became sales manager, and the market leaders quickly took a liking to him. At RATIONAL, the world market leader for modern cooking technology, he got to know the kitchen of the future, which rekindled his passion for experimentation.

The butcher shop was a place he knew through his friends Stefanie and Christian Metzger. He often visited, but never realized that he would one day become the landlord of the former GastHaus beim Hugo or the butcher’s shop.

Healthy cookery at its best

Gerhard Lindner uses state-of-the-art cooking technology in his kitchen, making him a kitchen pioneer in Austria. In the Rational combi steamer, temperature and humidity are precisely controlled over a wide range, resulting in accurate control of the cooking climate and subsequent consistent food quality. You will like it!

Reduced nutrient and vitamin losses
Due to the high steam content in the cooking chamber air and the relatively short cooking time, far more nutrients and vitamins are retained than with conventional cooking methods.

Food stays fresh perfectly
Since the food does not float in the water, but the moisture only circulates in the air, the color and flavor are optimally preserved. In addition, fat and salt can be largely dispensed with – a pleasing plus point in terms of a healthy diet!

The restaurant

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