Seasonal cuisine from world

At Lindbergh, we value variety.
That’s why there are dishes to suit every season.


Crémige Maronisuppe
Croutons/ Schlaghaube A, G

€ 7

San Daniele/ Grana/ Smoked salmon/ Vegetables G

€ 13

Main courses

Venison stew braised overnight
Red cabbage/ cranberries/ napkin dumplings A,C,G

€ 23

Pink fillet of beef (pre-cooked sous vide)
Herb butter G

€ 32

“Lindbergh goose ́l” (up to 30h sous vide)
Apple red cabbage/ potato dumplings

€ 28

Ricotta- Spinach- Tortelloni
Brown butter/ Truffle pesto/ Grana/ Ruccola

€ 21


Chocolate-hazelnut-maroni tartlet
whipped cream/ plum ragout/ almond slivers G,H,D

€ 10