World menu

“I had four sandwiches when I left New York. But I only ate one and a half and drank a little water. I suppose I suddenly had no time to eat over then, as the distance to Europe is really surprisingly short. ”
Charles A. Lindbergh

Welcome to the Lindbergh!

The Lindbergh is a place where you can linger comfortably, eat excellent food, drink and enjoy life!
Linzer Straße 179 has been home to a “Wia z’haus” for over 45 years and has stood for the best quality since the very beginning.
We are glad that you support us to keep this tradition alive and thank you for your visit!

Gerhard Lindner & his Lindbergh Team


Strong beef soup
with homemade liver dumplings or pancakes A,C,G,L

€ 6

Potato and truffle cream soup
with truffle oil & croutons A,G

€ 8


Goat cheese golden brown
Salad bed, grape, nut, raspberry dressing G,H,M,O

€ 15

Beef tartar from local pasture-raised beef
Butter, capers, parmesan chip, toasted white bread G,M,O

small, 100g meat
large, 200g meat

€ 16
€ 26



Original Viennese Schnitzel
of veal saddle with potato salad A,C,G,M,O

€ 25

Maishend’l Cordon Bleu
Leg ham & mountain cheese, Vogerl potato salad A,C,G,M,O

€ 19

Homemade minced meat loaf
with mashed potatoes, roasted onion & jus A,C,G

€ 13

Baked pork cutlet from pork / chicken
with mixed salad A,C,G,M,O

€ 15 / € 16

“Alt Wiener Backfleisch”
Fillet of beef marinated with horseradish and Dijon
with parsley potatoes & tartar sauce A,C,G,M

€ 29


Onion roast
12h sous vide, extra tender
with fried potatoes, crispy fried onions A,M

€ 22

Pink fillet of beef
with potato cream, roasted onions & jus A,G,L

€ 34

“Charles’ Burger”
Beef patty, cheddar, crispy bacon, BBQ in a brioche bun A,C,M

€ 17

“Lindbergh Burger” with Pulled Pork
Ruccola, crispy coleslaw in a brioche bun A,C,M,O

€ 15

French fries

€ 5

with Grana & Truffle Oil G

€ 7

Sweet potato fries

€ 7

with Grana & Truffle Oil G

€ 9

From the water

Our service team has our fish recommendation ready for you! D


Risotto of the season / daily recommendation

Linguine with truffle pesto
Ruccola, grana shavings & truffle oil A,C,G,M,O

€ 21


Vegan Pasta
Mushroom Bolognese and Ruccola

€ 16

Vegan “minced” loaves
Soy mince, prepared like meat loaf with potato salad A,M,O

€ 14


“Spot landing” chocolate cake
with liquid core and homemade sorbet A,C,G

€ 10

Fluffy curd dumplings
with butter crumbs and homemade sorbet A,C,G

€ 10

Pancakes from our only pan
with rose apricot jam A,C,G
with chocolate sauce, almond slivers & whipped A,C,G,H

€ 6
€ 8

Scoop homemade sorbet

€ 2

House cake A,C,G,H
House cake

with portion of whipped cream G

€ 4
€ 5
€ 1


Butter vegetables G
Butter rice G
Roast potatoes / Parsley potatoes G / Salty potatoes G
Mashed potatoes G / with roasted onions A,G

€ 4.5
€ 4.5
€ 4.5
€ 5 / € 6


Leaf salads with Lindbergh dressing M,O
Mixed salad
Vorgerl potato salad M,O
Core oil

€ 5
€ 5
€ 6
€ 1


Oven warm pita bread A

with sea salt butter G

€ 2.5
€ 3.5

Portion of toasted white bread A

€ 2.4

Serving gluten free toast

€ 3.4

Secret Service

We here at the Lindbergh are very proud of our establishment. In addition to the lived charm and the loving design of the premises, we are also particularly proud of our suppliers.

We get our meat from the butcher Gissinger in 1160 Vienna. Regionality has its price, but you can taste the difference to mass-produced goods.

Our vegetables come fresh daily from the wholesale green market, dairy products from NÖM, wholesale goods from Berger & Wedl, a few house numbers away. The coffee is from J. Hornig in Graz because we like it so much.

Our wines come mostly from Austria, because the best drops are simply at home here. And from the Croats we have chosen only the best.

Only the beer, that comes from the Czech Republic. Because they really understand an incredible amount about brewing there. Have fun and enjoy!

Caffeine smuggling

We spoil you exclusively with J. Hornig coffee

Espresso black or brown G

€ 3

Doppio G

€ 5.5

Extended G

€ 3.5

Old Viennese Melange G

€ 4

Cappuccino with milk foam G

€ 4

Single shot espresso with whipped hood G

€ 3.5

Café Obermeier with semi-liquid with whipped G

€ 3.5

Café Latte G

€ 4.5

Irish coffee with 2cl whiskey G,O

€ 8

J. Hornig Tea div. Varieties

€ 4

Hot chocolate G
with blow G
with rum O
with rum & whipped G,O

€ 4.5
€ 5.5
€ 7.5
€ 8.5

Portion of whipped cream G
Portion lemon G

€ 1
€ 0.5

Customs declaration

With wine and coffee, of course, we serve water in a glass, deliciously cold and free of charge. If you need to take pills, also no problem and free of charge.

But please understand, if you replace a drink with water, that we charge one euro per glass for prospecting, transport and logistics. Not because we want to bully you or fleece you. But the Lindbergh employs watchful flight attendants, ground staff, and even the odd Vienna airport fee has to be paid.

Thank you for your understanding and have a good flight!

Prices are incl. of all charges and in EUR. The labeling of the 14 main allergens is done according to the legal requirements, you can find them here in the following. There are also other substances that can trigger food allergies or intolerances. Despite careful preparation of our dishes may contain traces of other substances used in the production process in the kitchen, in addition to the labeled ingredients.

Substances subject to mandatory reporting (Allergens)

A Cereals containing gluten
Wheat (all types and wheat derivatives available in Austria) Rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, khorsan wheat, emmer; einkorn, green spelt

B Crustaceans
Crustaceans and products thereof

C Egg
Poultry eggs and products thereof

D Fish
Fish and products thereof

E Peanut
Peanuts and products derived therefrom

F Soybean
Soybeans and products derived therefrom

G Milk and lactose
Milk from mammals such as cow, sheep, goat, horse and donkey and products derived therefrom.

H Nuts
Nuts, namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, macadamia or Qeensland nuts and products derived therefrom.

L Celery
Celery and products derived therefrom

M Mustard
Mustard and products derived therefrom

N Sesame
Sesame seeds and products derived therefrom

O Sulfites
Sulfur dioxide and sulfites in concentrations of more than 10mg/kg or 10mg/l

P Lupins
Lupins(wolf bean, fig bean) and products derived therefrom.

R Mollusks
Mollusks such as mussels, oysters, snails and products derived therefrom.

** Aspartame Acesulfame salt
Aspartame notice “Contains a source of phenylalanine” shall be provided